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An isolated home to fiercely clannish peoples, Northwall’s cultural dividing lines are clearly drawn.

While visitors to settled communities can generally depend on traditions of hospitality and expect to be treated well, tribal peoples are usually less welcoming.

A character’s race determines how long a PC must acclimate themselves to another culture in order to embrace that culture’s class paths. A small handful of paths are not learned from cultural influence but accessed through heritage; these are limited strictly to the permitted race(s).

The relationship between class, path, and race is detailed below.

Barbarian Paths:

  • Ancestral Guardian (XGtE): Among the Gerovik people, bonds of family are unbroken even in death. Gods and landvaettir are capricious and often selfish, but ancestor-spirits never stop looking out for their loved ones. (Gerovik only.)
  • Battlerager (SCAG): Generations ago, when dwarves fought a constant war against troll-kin in the deep, a first rank of battleragers led every charge, hurling themselves into battle with total abandon. Many of the svartbrautar have fallen and these conflicts have become sparse, but some few mountain dwarves aspire to the same fury of their forebears. (Dwarves only. Mountain dwarves are the only cultural practitioners of the ancient battlerager tradition, but hill dwarves who have spent appropriate time living among their mountain cousins and learning this path may also follow it.)
  • Berserker (PHB): The Djura and Saxa maintain ferocious warrior traditions, and have the most berserkers to show for it. Most Lirrodogath families boast at least one such warrior; many disputes between clans that escalate to violence are settled by pitting their berserkers against one another in single combat. Some few settled folk remember the storied ways of battle-fury, and earn respect (and a wide berth) from their neighbors. (Lirrodogath, Djura, Saxa, and settled humans from rustic origins. Anyone spending years among one of these communities and learning from their berserkers may adopt this path.)
  • Storm Herald (XGtE): As they walk Midgard, some lone warriors learn to commune with the landvaettir. Bargains with these enigmatic spirits can bestow elemental powers that flare to life when one’s ire is raised. (Djura and Gerovik may learn from Tundra-spirits, while rustic humans in communities on the water may tap into the power of Sea-spirits. “Desert” entries are not available in Northwall. Anyone spending a significant amount of time alone or in like-minded company in the wild could gravitate toward this path if accepted by the landvaettir.)
  • Totem Warrior (PHB/SCAG): As with Storm Heralds learning the ways of the elements, Totem Warriors learn the ways of wild beasts. (Arrothla-nika, Djura, and Gerovik may learn the ways of beasts appropriate to their homelands, and surface-dwelling dwarves may follow the wolf or bear. Additionally, anyone living among and learning the ways of these tribes may pick up this spiritual practice.)
  • Zealot (XGtE): Many of the gods prize battle-fury in their devotees – Freyja, Odin, Thor, Tyr, Ullr – but the most unique manifestation of divinely inspired wrath is the “Corpse Fury” of the Hel-worshiping Saxa, who strew the battlefield with the dead in a spell of silent, ruthless murder. (Saxa and rustic settled humans. Any human with a fervent religious devotion to one of the listed deities can follow this path.)


College of Glamour (cultural): Wood Elf
College of Lore (cultural): High Elf (especially House Mialennodel), Rock Gnome
College of Swords (cultural):
College of Valor (cultural): Dragonborn, Wood Elf, Halfling (any), Settled Human, All Tribes (Half-Orc/Human)
College of Whispers (cultural):


The domains of Arcana, Death, Forge, Grave, Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Protection, Tempest, Trickery, and War are open to clerics of all races, depending upon the deity bestowing power. See the description of each race for more information about common religious beliefs.


Circle of Dreams (cultural):
Circle of the Land (cultural): Wood Elf, Forest Gnome, Djura Tribe (Half-Orc/Human)
Circle of the Moon (cultural): Wood Elf, Djura Tribe (Half-Orc/Human)
Circle of the Shepherd (cultural): Forest Gnome
Circle of Twilight (cultural):


Arcane Archer (cultural): Dark Elf, High Elf (Houses Bellathirrin and Naiamne), Wood Elf
Banneret (cultural)¹: Hill Dwarf, High Elf, Rock Gnome, Lightfoot Halfling, Settled Human (Urban)
Battle Master (cultural): Dwarf (any), High Elf (especially House Bellathirrin), Settled Human (Urban)
Cavalier (cultural):
Champion (cultural): Any
Eldritch Knight [Int-based] (cultural): Dragonborn, Elf (any), Gnome (any), Settled Human (Urban)²
Eldritch Knight [Cha-based] (ethnic): Dragonborn, Elf (any)
Monster Hunter (cultural):
Sun and Moon Warrior (cultural)³: Settled Human
¹ Anyone who lives under the authority of the elves may swear an oath of fealty to a noble house. Through distinguished service in upholding that oath, they may earn a title of knighthood.
² Settled humans with the Sage background and membership in the Antiquarian Society
³ Identical to the Samurai (XGtE)


Blade of Manison (cultural, LN/TN alignment only)¹: Settled Human (Rustic)
Spirit of Solsdottir (cultural, LG/NG alignment only)²: Settled Human (Rustic)
Way of the Drunken Master (cultural, non-lawful alignment only): Settled Human (Rustic)
Way of the Four Elements (cultural, LG/LN/NG/TN alignment only): Settled Human
Way of Hel’s Hall (cultural, non-good alignment only)³: Settled Human (Rustic)
Way of the Open Hand (cultural, LG/LN/NG/TN alignment only): Settled Human
Way of the Shadow (cultural): Settled Human (Rustic)
Way of Tranquility (cultural, good alignment only): Settled Human (Urban)
¹ Identical to the Kensei (XGtE)
² Identical to the Sun Soul (SCAG/XGtE)
³ Identical to the Long Death (SCAG)


Oath of the Ancients (cultural): Dragonborn,
Oath of Conquest (cultural):
Oath of the Crown (cultural):
Oath of Devotion (cultural):
Oathbreaker (cultural):
Oath of Redemption (cultural):
Oath of Treachery (cultural):
Oath of Vengeance (cultural):


Beast Master (cultural): Dragonborn, Wood Elf, Forest Gnome, Halfling (any), Settled Human, Djura Tribe (Half-Orc/Human), Gerovik Tribe
Gloom Stalker (cultural):
Horizon Walker (cultural):
Hunter (cultural): Dragonborn, Hill Dwarf, Elf (any), Halfling (any), Settled Human, All Tribes (Half-Orc/Human)
Monster Slayer (cultural):
Primeval Guardian (cultural):


Arcane Trickster (cultural): Gnome (any), Halfling (any)
Assassin (cultural): Dark Elf, High Elf (House Naiamne only), Half-Elf (Company of Weary Travelers)
Inquisitive (cultural):
Mastermind (cultural):
Scout (cultural):
Swashbuckler (cultural):
Thief (cultural): Any


Divine Favor (ethnic):
Draconic Bloodline (ethnic): Dragonborn
Phoenix Sorcery (ethnic):
Sea Sorcery (ethnic):
Shadow Magic (ethnic):
Stone Sorcery (ethnic):
Weather Witch (ethnic): Settled Human
Wild Magic (ethnic):


Archfey (ethnic): Elf (any, especially Wood Elves)
Fiend (cultural):
Great Old One (cultural):
Hexblade (cultural):
Light Unbound (cultural): Any
Raven Queen (cultural):
Seeker (cultural):
Undying (cultural):


Abjuration (cultural): Dragonborn, Elf (any), Gnome (any), Halfling (any), Settled Human, Djura Tribe (Half-Orc/Human), Gerovik Tribe
Bladesinging (cultural):
Conjuration (cultural): Dark Elf, High Elf, Rock Gnome, Settled Human
Divination (cultural): Elf (any, especially House Sephelion), Gnome (any), Halfling (any), Gerovik Tribe
Enchantment (cultural): Elf (any, especially Wood Elves), Forest Gnome
Evocation (cultural): Dragonborn, Elf (any), Settled Human, Djura Tribe (Half-Orc/Human), Gerovik Tribe
Illusion (cultural): Dark Elf, Gnome (any)
Lore Mastery (cultural):
Necromancy (cultural): Dark Elf, Saxa Tribe
Theurgy (cultural):
Transmutation (cultural): Dark Elf, High Elf, Settled Human, Gerovik Tribe
War Magic (cultural):

ANH Classes

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