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A New Horizon

(epic fantasy, fictional world, late medieval age)

Northwall: a land of diverse, rugged peoples who live under the distant rule of the dragon clans who conquered them centuries ago. Backed by the might of the dragons, the noble house Sephelion has brokered a fragile peace between warring races and tribes… but, as uprisings take root, can the truce hold? A long-forgotten secret holds the power to reshape the world and cement peace… or bring it to terrible ruin. (D&D 5E)

To Bear the Light

(dark fantasy, fictional world, iron age)

For nearly five centuries, the miracles of the Lightbearers have inspired countless souls to live and die for the Ignazian Church, which now commands the largest nation in the known world. Many heathen tribes have resisted the faith’s advance, and the pious have honored their families and won prestige through campaigns of conversion or conquest. Now rocked with internecine feuding, beset by savages, and still drunk on its glory, the Church is yet unaware of the evil wakening on its frontier. (One Roll Engine/REIGN)

World Gone Mad

(horror, modern world)

Newcastle by Night

(horror, colonial Massachusetts)

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