Through A Prism

At Unknown Doors

A Bellathirrin patrol is defeated, a hermit tethers his soul to a long-forgotten source of life energy, and a new evil lurking in the woods finds its way home….

The adventuring party triumphs over the Bellathirrin patrol, killing a few in the process. Krusk, Cass, and Thyra tie them up after thoroughly removing their weapons and gear. Ghesh, Gunvor, and Greta watch awestruck as the roots of Cary’s hair turn white and the rest of his dark hair with it.

Thyra takes the commander’s pouch against the she-elf’s protests. Inside are several pieces of coinage, a coded message, and an empty flask. The message looks that it will take a while to translate, so Thyra pockets it to study later. Cass finds a magic stone that from an explanation from the commander, is the patrol’s communication link to her employer, a higher Elvish lord. The stone is only used in the morning when the higher up would ask for an updated report and the squad would respond in a maximum of 30 words. Cass also happens upon a wooden box that the commander says could turn into a ship with permission from her employer.

Cary’s trance with the well ends suddenly, resulting in him fainting on the ground. The party is able to rouse him and he babbles about the well’s untapped energy. The party then waits the night out in the tomb.

In the morning, Cass comes up with something to say in the stone and in a mimicking voice of the commanding officer’s voice to say:

“We have this place secured. We had no encounters. This place will do nicely for an outpost and we will report more of our findings tomorrow morning.”

Following the false report, the party and Greta have a more coherent conversation with Cary. Cary tells the party that he plans to stay at the tomb which he calls the Shining Temple so he can try to understand the place better. The party asks him if there was another place we could find out more information about the “wellspring”. He mentions the Antiquarians, a group of secluded wizards who live just past the capitol in the Empyrean Tower. Cary thinks that they would probably know something about it. He gives the party a rough idea of directions to get there and they part ways with him, finally leaving the tomb. The party had previously agreed to leave the tied up patrol behind, to slow them down if they attempt to chase after them. Along with Greta, the adventuring party bearing lots of strange news trek back the way they had come.

In the forest, the party reaches a particular clearing and Thyra sees a wolf lurking in the shadows of the brush. Before she can alert her comrades, the wolf and several more burst into the clearing attacking the very surprised group.

The group fights the pack of wolves and notice that they are not of the natural world, having fur coats smothered in an oily, tar-like substance. Fortunately the party was successful in slaying the cursed beasts, Ghesh and Greta taking the brunt of the teeth and claws.

Gunvor sets about healing them, while Ghesh stutters out that he recalled a fight between his clan and some trolls that bore the same substance that was neither poison or disease. Thyra takes a sample of the stuff, but it turns to dust in the vial.

After the scary encounter with the wolves, the party stumbles back to Stonewatch. Greta and Thyra report back to Hostein about what happened to the rest of Greta’s hunting party, minus the tomb and the encounter with the Bellathirrin squad of elves. The two also mentions the bizarre fight with mutated wolves which alarms Hostein, at least to a small degree. Greta then asks about how the man who had lost his arm was doing. Hostein says that he recovered quickly and had returned to his home just yesterday.

All of a sudden, a shout breaks out from somewhere nearby crying, “Fire! Fire!” Hostein immediately starts passing out orders to stop the fire, while Greta and Thyra catches up to the rest of the party who are already heading towards the source of the shouting.

They all get to the house that is being enveloped in flames and Greta recognizes it as the one-armed man’s. Before any of the party members could enter to save anyone, a woman and a child burst out the front door screaming “He’s gone mad!”. Krusk and Ghesh run inside the burning building to go get him, only to find the man infested with the same black oily substance. He also had a new tar-like tendril of an arm. Instead of trying to leave, the cursed man lunges to attack the half-orc and the dragonborn. The two of them end up killing the possessed man, while Cass, Gunvor, and Thyra try their best to calm the woman down. Hasteinn and a crowd of townsfolk armed with water buckets begin to put the fire out. As the flames die down, the members of the party look to each other with expressions of confusion about all what had transgressed in the past few days.

end session

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The House of the Light Unbound

When a huskarl’s messenger is dragged to Stonewatch after losing an arm, Jarl Halvor requests assistance in finding her – but one lost hunter pales in comparison to the secret now unburied after so many ages….

The newly formed group of unlikely companions now walk together, heading back into town to collect payment from Ronomir. Following the payment, the party comes across the commotion of a man, clearly unconscious and missing an arm, being brought in on a stretcher and being carried into a log house with a thatched roof. The party of five run into a frustrated Hasteinn and they ask him what was going on. He tells them that the man was attacked by a troll, sometime often unheard of in the South as trolls only lived on the Fringes. The man had been part of an eight-member hunting party, none of them, save the injured man, having returned back the town. They have been missing for several days and Hasteinn asks that if they were available, to go and figure out what happened to the hunters. They agree to help and waste no time in heading into the forest.

Traveling down the well-worn hunting trail, the group follows the stream bubbling alongside it in the foothills. As night falls, the group comes upon a man in weathered clothing, huddling next to a small campfire. They introduce themselves and tell the man they mean no harm. The man, despite looking nervous and definitely not used to being around many people, introduces himself as Cary Goodwinson and invites them to sit around the fire.

The group asks if a hunting party had passed through within the last couple of days and Cary tells them that there had been, but that they hadn’t come back this way. They further ask him about why he was living out in the foothills and he claims that there is an altar of Frey connecting to Valhalla somewhere in the mountains. A few of the party members find this to be crazy, but Cary insists and tells them that he plans to search for it in the following days. The adventuring party sleeps through the night and then leaves early in the morning w/o Cary.

They carry on in the dark of the morning, later on hearing a distress horn blare thrice into the quiet air, repeating the sequence every 30 seconds. Following the sound of the sixth horn, a loud explosion is heard in the direction of the mountains and an avalanche occurs due to the blast. The now surprised party, curious that this might be the hunters in trouble, head in the direction of where all the commotion had originated from.

They climb up into the mountains and come to the mouth of a cave. Ghesh sees that there are runes bearing the symbols of birth, creation, death, travel, and gift. Ghesh eagerly runs inside and the rest of the party follow in after him

Upon entering the cave, the party realizes that it may be more than just a cave. it reveals broad hallways that had succumb to heavy water damage, implying a weak structure. They estimate that the interior rose to about 15 to 20 feet and stretched to 20 feet wide. Immediately to the left is a stairwell leading down. Our party heads down and they find two doorways 8 feet across from each other. Ghesh and Thyra go through the left entryway and find scenes carved into the walls of what was possibly dwarvish design depicting an image of light streaming from the sky lifting up a fallen warrior. There were also many urns along the walls, Ghesh taking one as a souvenir. In the opposite room that Krusk, Gunvor, and Cass explore, they find pieces of wooden planks askew on the floor and a mural similar to the other in terms of design, showing soldiers preparing to do battle on the plains of Valhalla.

While the group gathers back together to share their findings of the place—a place that might actually be a tomb— a woman suddenly rushes down the stairs running into them. The woman, Greta, explains that she was the one to find this cavern along with her hunting party (Ghesh also claiming that he had found it first), which just so happens to be the group they are searching for. The man who came into town injured had been the messenger that the hunters had sent to tell the town of the discovery. Greta says that after the messenger had left they were attacked by something they were unable to identify. The remaining members fought off the unknown enemy, so that Greta could escape to the cave.

She joins them in our investigation and they all happen upon a strange well tucked in a room off to the side of the right wing filled with glowing white light. The party plus Greta hardly have a chance to get a closer look at it, when Cass reports from the hallway that there is a squadron of elvish soldiers entering the tomb with a commander.

Moments later, the party hears footsteps on the stairs and then a squad of elves enter the room bearing the symbol of the house of Bellathirrin: a purple field with crossed swords. At the back the party sees a beat up Cary being dragged by two soldiers. Cary catches sight of the well and begs to go and inspect it. The leading commander demands that they all surrender and leave, so that she can take over. The party ignores her commands and instead asks Cary about what the well is. He explains that this is the very well that he was talking about, before he is suddenly entranced by the light radiating from it. The commandant, now angry at the party for defying her orders, tells her soldiers to attack.

end session.

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The Sea's Bounty
The Only Wealth that Keeps Forever Is Wealth Given Away

Hasteinn, brother to the jarl, summons the hall to a discovery that will bring the community untold wealth and prosperity – but unbeknownst to him, others are staking their claim….

In the small town of Stonewatch, the occupants of the great hall are waking up to a new day of new opportunities. Within the hall there are two groups of unlikely people. One group consists of a red-haired human and two colorful half-elves, a trio just simply passing through. The other is a group of two—a friendly half-orc and a shy dragon born—gathering a couple more stares as the breakfast hours begin. However before anyone in the hall has a chance to eat, Hasteinn, the jarl’s brother, bursts into the hall. He brings news of a possibly bountiful report given to him by one of the townsfolk. He asks for some people to accompany him to the beach. The half-orc, Krusk and the dragonborn, Ghesh, volunteer to go with them. Hasteinn and his makeshift party begin to head down to the lake.

As Cass, one of the half-elves in the group of three, moves about in the hall, she runs into a reclusive dark elf. He introduces himself as Ronomir and asks that she go down and investigate the beachshore where Hasteinn is heading for him, due to his sensitivity to sunlight. So Cass slinks back over to her human and half-elvish comrades, Thyra and Gunvor and together they follow after Hasteinn’s group. As both groups approach the shore, the smell of seaweed and death reach their noses. There lying dead on the sand is a massive whale.

Thyra, Cass, and Gunvor run into Ghesh and Krusk and all five of them investigate the whale. They find that it has been killed only recently. As they come upon this conclusion, Krusk, Gunvor, and Cass catch eye of a group of fisherman pulling in their whaling boat on the far side of the deceased mound of blubber. They approach Hasteinn and his men, making claim that this was their spoils. Hasteinn, wanting the whale for Stonewatch, accuses that they are lying. But upon further investigation, the now party of five determines that these folk are actually whalers and were being truthful in saying that they were the ones to kill the whale. Hostein still undeterred, claims that the whale has washed up on Stonewatch land, so the whale is theirs. The whalers begin to grow more agitated and Hasteinn continues to remain unyielding, so our group with Thyra leading them on has out a compromise of splitting the whale 50/50, giving both the fisherman and Stonewatch the parts they need most. Luckily, they agree to the terms and both parties head back into town to finalize business.

end session

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In Northwall, Rats Poison You

Grand Duchess Alarynna Sephelion hosts a midsummer peace summit in the port town of Ansavihr. The first delegates to arrive find themselves treated to a hospitality of a most unusual flavor….

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