Through A Prism

The Sea's Bounty
The Only Wealth that Keeps Forever Is Wealth Given Away

Hasteinn, brother to the jarl, summons the hall to a discovery that will bring the community untold wealth and prosperity – but unbeknownst to him, others are staking their claim….

In the small town of Stonewatch, the occupants of the great hall are waking up to a new day of new opportunities. Within the hall there are two groups of unlikely people. One group consists of a red-haired human and two colorful half-elves, a trio just simply passing through. The other is a group of two—a friendly half-orc and a shy dragon born—gathering a couple more stares as the breakfast hours begin. However before anyone in the hall has a chance to eat, Hasteinn, the jarl’s brother, bursts into the hall. He brings news of a possibly bountiful report given to him by one of the townsfolk. He asks for some people to accompany him to the beach. The half-orc, Krusk and the dragonborn, Ghesh, volunteer to go with them. Hasteinn and his makeshift party begin to head down to the lake.

As Cass, one of the half-elves in the group of three, moves about in the hall, she runs into a reclusive dark elf. He introduces himself as Ronomir and asks that she go down and investigate the beachshore where Hasteinn is heading for him, due to his sensitivity to sunlight. So Cass slinks back over to her human and half-elvish comrades, Thyra and Gunvor and together they follow after Hasteinn’s group. As both groups approach the shore, the smell of seaweed and death reach their noses. There lying dead on the sand is a massive whale.

Thyra, Cass, and Gunvor run into Ghesh and Krusk and all five of them investigate the whale. They find that it has been killed only recently. As they come upon this conclusion, Krusk, Gunvor, and Cass catch eye of a group of fisherman pulling in their whaling boat on the far side of the deceased mound of blubber. They approach Hasteinn and his men, making claim that this was their spoils. Hasteinn, wanting the whale for Stonewatch, accuses that they are lying. But upon further investigation, the now party of five determines that these folk are actually whalers and were being truthful in saying that they were the ones to kill the whale. Hostein still undeterred, claims that the whale has washed up on Stonewatch land, so the whale is theirs. The whalers begin to grow more agitated and Hasteinn continues to remain unyielding, so our group with Thyra leading them on has out a compromise of splitting the whale 50/50, giving both the fisherman and Stonewatch the parts they need most. Luckily, they agree to the terms and both parties head back into town to finalize business.

end session

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In Northwall, Rats Poison You

Grand Duchess Alarynna Sephelion hosts a midsummer peace summit in the port town of Ansavihr. The first delegates to arrive find themselves treated to a hospitality of a most unusual flavor….

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