Half-elf Bard of the Sea


Gertrude is 24 years old. She is a 5’4" tall Half-elf with blue green eyes like the shallows on a beach. Her hair is black and of Medium length, Bearly hanging past her shoulders.
her hair is wild and messy from the years she spent of a boat letting her hair flow free in the wind. Her skin is ruff and of a light russet Brown hue from
the exstensive amount of time she spent in the sun mopping decks.

General Information

Race: Half-elf
Class/Archetype and Level: Bard (collage of swords)(5th)
Background: Sailor
Alignment: CN
Experience: 7450
Hit Dice: D8
Proficiency Bonus: +3

Ability Scores and Modifiers

Strength: 16 ( +3)
Dexterity: 18 ( +4)
Constitution: 18 ( +4)
Intelligence: 12 ( +1)
Wisdom: 15 ( +2)
Charisma: 18 ( +4)


(mark in bold if proficient)
Acrobatics (Dex): +7
Animal Handling (Wis): +3
Arcana (Int): +3
Athletics (Str): +6
Deception (Cha): +7
History (Int): +2
Insight (Wis): +3
Intimidation (Cha): +5
Investigation (Int): +4
Medicine (Wis): +3
Nature (Int): +2
Perception (Wis): +8
Performance (Cha): +7
Persuasion (Cha): +10
Religion (Int): +2
Sleight of Hand (Dex): +5
Stealth (Dex): +7
Survival (Wis): +5

Other Proficiencies

Navigator’s tools, Vehicles, Flute, Viol, Drum


Common, Elvish, Orc

Saving Throws

(mark in bold if proficient)
Strength: +4
Dexterity: +7
Constitution: +5
Intelligence: +2
Wisdom: +3
Charisma: +7

Basic Combat Information

Armor Class: 15
Max Hit Points: 55
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft
Passive Perception: 18


(name/attack bonus/damage & type/range/qualities)

Scimitar: +7 to hit, 1d6 +4 slashing damage, 5ft

Dagger: +7 to hit, 1d4 +4 piercing damage, 20/60ft

Features and Traits

(racial and class abilities)

Fey Ancestry
Bardic Inspiration(d8)
Song of rest(d6)
Collage of swords fighting style: two weapon fighting
Blade Flourish:
Defensive Flourish
Slashing Flourish
Mobile Flourish
Expertise (Persuasion, Perception)
Jack of all trades
font of inspiration
feat: spell sniper


GP: 20
Other Valuables:
Property and Stored Wealth:


Backpack: Bedroll, 2 Costumes, 1 Torch, 10 Rations, a Waterskin, a Disguise kit,
a Flute and a Drum
Leather Armor, A Scimitar, A Dagger and a set of common clothes

Spell Slots

1st: 4
2nd: 3
3rd: 2

Spells Known

Cantrips: Light, Vicious Mockery, firebolt, mage hand
1st: Cure wounds, Dissonant Whispers, Thunderwave, Healing Word and Feather fall, comprehend languages,
2nd: Shatter
3rd: dispel magic


Gertrude’s father left before she was born. He was the son of The Great Erik The Lesser But he was disowned and cast out of his father’s village because he fell in love with an Elf maiden. Gertrude’s mother, Arara tried to raise her in an elven city in her father’s house but her father couldn’t handle the shame of having a half-elf for a granddaughter and threw them out on to the streets. Arara tried to make a living doing anything she could to make money but no one would hire a elf who had a child who was not completely elven. Gertrude’s mother abandoned her to live on the streets as best she could while she left for to find a different city where she could hide her shame from everyone. Gertrude lived a hard life on the streets, barely scraping by most of the time, she would sing and dance to make money. She had a very lovely voice which helped her to earn a lot of her money but her good and kind hearted nature meant she would give the majority of her earnings to help those who were not as talented as her. One day when she was preforming around the docks she noticed a older looking gentleman forced into an ally, when she finished and went over there she saw the gentleman beaten and lying on the ground. when he woke up after she treated his wounds he told her that he was a sailor who had been working for someone who was using his boat for illegal purposes. Just before he was going to tell the mayor when cornered him, beat him and took his money. Gertrude decided to help him and together they were able to get his money back. The sailor, who was called Sorri offered her a place to live on his ship with him and his crew. Gertrude accepted having always wanted to see the world. During her travels on “the Hemming” (Sorri’s ship) Gertrude learned that her gift for music was more then just a useful talent, on one island she found a group of magicians and they helped her learn to use her voice and an instrument to heal those she cares for and hurt those who would hurt her friends. As “the Hemming” traveled around visiting many places, those on board faced many dangers. Gertrude learned to use a sword and dagger expertly and now she can use her weapons to help focus her magical powers.

The Story So Far

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(character’s goals going forward)


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